A costume contest was announced from a local radio station about two months ago, so I started thinking that I needed to create something awesome to win. (In the end, I did not win because it depended on facebook likes. I got about 500 likes and the first price was 1000 plus likes, but it was unfortunate as there weren’t any other prizes other than 1st place and the person who won wore a pre-bought uniform!)

The idea for this bright green friendly dragon breathing fire costume started as I was trying to find an idea to dress up as a cartoon-animal. I randomly came across of a green dragon cartoon breathing fire and a costume picture of a really cute baby picture who had a fire drawn in fabric attached to his mouth pacifier!

-green and yellow fabric ,
– loads red yellow and black sequence,
– thick foam and thin foam,
– Velcro about 30 cm

For the Fire:
-red and yellow cardboard papers A2 size
-a destroyed hanger( to get the wooden stick) or would also recommend a chop stick,
-masking take and
-cow glue (its the white glue that goes transparent as it dries).

I bought a bright green fabric and saw a bodysuit at first. I took normal measurements of myself and made it according to a ballet bodysuit I had from the past. I cut a line in the back and then I put the zipper along that line and attached the Velcro (the top piece) on the left of my back side (where the collar would be).

I then made the yellow collar cutting a triangle like shape of the thin foam and then sawing it with the yellow fabric. Then I tailored it in the back only on the one side , as I attached the second piece Velcro on the other (left), so it would stick after the zipper was fastened.

Then I cut a v-shape right in front of the neck and attached the yellow piece with the sequence details I tailored in lines and on the sides. I placed it where the v cut was , in the front that is. I also made 2 thin foam fabric wing like pieces that I tailored onto the arms. Then I got the thick foam material and cut it in a circle so the tail would have shape on the top.

The tail was the hardest part! My grandmother is a tailor and helped me a lot, as I only know how to hand-tailor stuff and can not use the machine, the tail needed the machine! I used thin foam and green fabric to make the tail so it would be upright as I stood! It was made in 4 parts and afterwards was put together. Also it was attached in the bodysuit only on the half upper side of the circle so it would move as I moved!

For the fire, I drew a fire shape on the red carton, and then cut it. Then I traced the red carton onto the yellow with a pencil and cut it smaller but following the same shape. I then glued them together and used cow glue and masking tape to glue the stick on the back!

Overall, I would say that I enjoyed people’s reactions as they saw me in the party, but was disappointed I did not win the contest! I hope I have a better chance here! Also I hope to have inspired some more people to get creative and make their costume ideas themselves!