The entire black swan costume was simple. I bought white tights and ballerina slippers, a black petticoat and ruffly underwear to wear underneath. For my top I bought a black corset and pinned feathers on the top. This sounds difficult and annoying but I actually took a black feather boa and cut it the length of the front of the corset, and just pinned it every few inches so it wasn’t drooping.

To top off the costume I wore a crown and did my makeup just like Natalie Portman’s character from the movie. The makeup was the most difficult part, but manageable! I took black eyeliner and traced from the inner corner of my eye up and around the top of my eyebrows and winged it out. Then I did black eyeliner from my bottom inner corner out. Throughout the middle area I made strokes of black eye liner, as if they were feathers on a wing, and filled it in with grey and black eye shadow. It stayed all night, just remember not to rub your eyes! Voila, a great costume that’ll keep you warm on a cool night out, comfortable for walking around in and dancing, and also super sexy!

The reactions my costume got was that I looked great: the corset gives you a great figure and lifts up the girls. I heard it was the best one of the night!

My favorite part was that I felt great in it, and I also had my best friend be the white swan so it was cool to have my “angelic” half with me.