This colorful Techno Rave girl costume was so much fun, and extremely easy to do.  The only thing I had to make was the shirt. I used an old black tank top and cut it and then used neon acrylic paint to splatter paint onto the shirt. I mixed each neon color with some glow in the dark paint because I knew I would be in a place that didn’t have black lights and I wanted to make sure I glowed. Make sure you allow enough time for the paint on the shirt to dry. It’s hard to see in the light but I got TONS of every type of glow stick/bracelet/necklace/earrings.

I got neon clip in hair extensions from Hot Topic in bright pink and lime green.  The shorts are the stretchy boy shorts from the PINK section of Victoria secret, I layered two pairs so that I could incorporate more colors. Lastly, I had my roommate splatter paint my entire body with the leftover paint (I lived in a dorm so I didn’t care about getting paint on the shower walls, but this is probably something you should do outside because it will get everywhere!!) and I also smeared some across my cheeks so it looked as though I was at an actual paint party, let it air dry for a minute and you should be good to go!