Pee-Wee Herman was an idea I had for Halloween in 2011. I was trying to think of something not only fun and clever, but also something that I could also pull off resembling. I’m pretty creative and go all out in anything I do, and Halloween is a perfect opportunity! Wasn’t planning on entering into any contests, but won first place at a work party and thought maybe I could do something with this! In total, won 1st place in all of 5 different contests I entered over Halloween, winning $1250 in cash, 2 KU football tickets, and 2 round-trip AMTRAK tickets to take to LA!

One of the evenings out I asked a DJ at a bar to play the “Tequila” song and I did the Pee-Wee Herman dance on top of the bar where there is a video posted on YouTube; was so much fun! I was surprised to see how much it made an impression on people! People thought I resembled Pee-Wee so much that it was creepy! They thought it was hands down the best costume they have ever seen with the bike and dancing performance. Everyone wanted a picture! Even after Halloween I overheard complete strangers talking about the “Pee-Wee guy”, and people still talk to me about it today.

In putting the costume together I first found a light grey suit one-size too small for $10 at a Goodwill thrift store and then tailored it a little more to fit even tighter! I also found a little boy’s red bow-tie and some white platform shoes online for about $40 total with already having a tight white dress shirt and white pocket square. I also cut my hair and styled and geld it as Pee-Wee does and put on some red blush and lipstick. To top off the costume, I added a prop by making my own Pee-Wee Herman bicycle and learning and performing the dance to the “Tequila” song as Pee-Wee danced on top of the motorcycle bar in the movie, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”.

To create the bike, I found an old red vintage bike on Craigslist for $90. I then took it a step further by designing and adding as many accessories to it as in the movie. Used white poster board to free-hand measure, draw, and cut the design on the back wheel and rear fender. Used white poster board and red marker to create the circle spiral on the front wheel. Used white poster board with silver ribbon to create a tank with chrome grill inlets. Used red construction paper to create the fins on the front & rear fenders.

For the tiger CB radio, I bought a plastic tiger toy and broke off the head and screwed and hose-clamped it to the handlebars and attached a CB radio microphone to it. Made and added an electronic switch box, red light bulbs as taillights, attached a rocker switch, a compass, a bike bell, and made some handlebar streamers with some different colored ribbon.

The costume was an extreme success and definitely made a return on my investment! The difficult thing now is how to come up with idea each year to top it! Please vote for me! Thanks!