We had two parties to attend both having themes, one was 80’s and the other Royalty. We had the perfect costume idea, Little Mermaid and Eric couple Halloween costume!

We started by collecting items for Eric as most things can be found at home. Eric costume is made of women’s blue Capri sweatpants, a men’s button up shirt, long black socks and two pieces of fabric (no sewing needed). I bought some shiny black fabric to tuck in the top of the socks to look like boots and a long piece of red fabric to tie around his waist to make the red belt.

The Little Mermaid was a little bit harder. I bought some stretchy fabric to create a skirt instead of something longer, that would go to the ground, as it would be easy to walk around all night. I used some net-like fabric for the fins. I can not remember all the steps for creating the fins but I did need to sew and use hot glue. From the store I bought a red wig, sea shells (that I wrapped in purple fabric), and a nude tank top. The shells were hot glued onto the tank top.

I also made the Sebastian and flounder out of felt.

We had the best time in our costumes!