This last-minute Ke$ha costume was EASY to make/do! I started by making the “death to the pixies” shirt that she wears. It is available online and you can cut the neck to make it more grungey but I just got some fabric paint and free handed it myself. Next I took some old tights and cut some holes in them and stretched the rips.

I added glittery leg warmers and cowboy boots-she wears them in the tik toc video. I wore an American flag bandanna on my wrist along with other random bracelets. I made feather earnings and also clipped a few in my hair -which was curly and ratted up a bit with lots of gel. Over my torn leggings I wore a pair of black shorts and layered with a belt. Last but not least was the hoop nose ring and face paint. I did the black star over one eye with studs glued to each point, then added black feather eye lashes.