I created this Ninja Turtle costume for my friend and I last year.  It was by far my favorite Halloween costume I’ve ever worn.  We were Raphael and Donatello.  Coincidentally, we went to a party and found Leonardo and Michelangelo, making the night even better!!

The costume is made mostly out of colored t-shirts purchased from AC Moore.  I used a green tshirt for the base, a yellow tshirt, cut and glued onto the green shirt and painted with brown paint for the “abs”.  Then, for our red and blue accessories, I cut strips of fabric from red and blue t-shirts.  We tied a band around our heads, wrists, elbows, and knees.  For our belts, I cut circles from the tshirts and glued on letters I cut out from paper.

I used belts I had at home, turned them backwards, and attached the circles to the belts.  We purchased our shorts from Kohl’s and our weapons from the Dollar store! For the shells, I covered a large piece of foam shaped into a circle with another green tshirt, and used ribbon to put straps on the shell.  I had to improvise a little bit as I ran out of black ribbon, so we each have one pink strap.  We wore brown tank tops under our shirts and brown boots.  If I had more time I probably would’ve worked on the shells more, but I think for being homemade in only a week our costumes turned out great!! I wore this to a party and to work on the day of Halloween.