My daughter is 8 years old and she thinks about halloween all year round.  She knew last year that she wanted to be a headless person. Now how we were going to do it was the trick.

We bought a couple long trench coats from a local thrift store. For only $2.00 each we didn’t really know what size we would need. Even though she is small we ended up using a large man size. We even tried different size containers for the plastic jug that holds her head. The plastic container that worked the best was a pretzel jar from our local store. We cut the bottom out and half of the back.  We put black duct tape around the edges so there would be no sharp edges. We rubberband a thin cloth over the top to help with circulation. In the house it worked great but once she got hot and sweaty we decided to removed the cloth on top and leave it open. She said it felt better and it nver fogged up after that.

We used plastic grocery bags to stuff the sleeves and gloves. We tried using a swimming noodle but it was too stiff and wouldn’t give the elbow bend a natural look.  We used velcro to secure the fingers to the plastic container. We also used velcro instead of the buttons on the coat. I was afraid if she fell or tripped.  Buttons would be harder to rip open. But velcro would be easy to open up if need be.

To make the headless piece was pretty easy.  We cut a very thick and steardy pice of cardboard. It looked like a “T” shape. We used plastic tie down strips to secure a wooden hanger to the top of the “T” shape cardboard. We used quilt foam batting over the hanger to give the shoulder and neck some shape. We secured it all together with duct tape. We hot glued a piece of flesh colored material over all of it. To secure it to her we used an old spandex/velcro back brace that I had. Once we put it on her we noticed it wanted to fall backwards.  We taped metal rulers to the cardboard. For comfort we taped a doll baby pillow to the inside bottom of the cardboard. The pillow was very comfortable on her lower back.

Once it was completed….We added cotten balls to the inside of the container. We used flesh colored halloween makeup on the severed neck area. That gave it such a real textred look.  We dripped make-up blood over the neck and onto the cotton balls. Our daughter did white makeup on her face with some blood dripping from the corner of her eye and mouth.

She played the part so well. She was walking around with her eyes partially opened. She tilted her head to the side. She really was proud of this costume.  We went to a few halloween parties before trick-or-treating. SHe was always the talk of the party. People were taking pictures of her all the time. People wanted to pose with her.  She told me she felt like a movie star and all the paparazzi were taking pics of her.  SHE LOVED THE ATTENTION! She did some costume contest and received some extra goody bags.  She even got to bring the costume into her 3rd grade class for show and tell.

To add a little special touch….we added red glow sticks around the cotton balls. In the dark it made her face glow red and looked like the container was full of blood. This will be a costume and a halloween that she wil remember for the rest of her life.