Halloween is my favorite holiday! It’s mostly a good excuse to dress up and get into character, which I love to do. The best part of it all is my crafty mother; If you have an idea for something, she will sew it right up for you!! This year I actually found my costume idea using this website! The Hamburglar!! I love this character, a burglar of hamburgers, how fun! She sewed together the hat, tie, and McDonalds bag which I used to fill with candy for trick or treaters. She used a screenprinting machine to transfer the burgers and McDonalds logo onto the fabric. I had the pinstriped shrit and wig, and bought the stockings, red gloves, and mask. A yellow ribbon was wrapped around the hat and the hamburglar came alive! Now whats a costume if you dont have pictures to capture the greatness? Like I said I like to get into character, so i found some fries in the freezer and said perfect!! I took a picture of me pouting in front a plate full of fries and posted on facebook “I can’t go another day of eating just fries. Tonight on Halloween night i will have my sweet delicious burgers back!” I practiced my burglary skills by hiding behind a changing screen in my house, and even the possibility of being locked up in jail! Later that night I handed out candy to trick or treaters, but only if they had any hamburgers! Unfortunately they didn’t, but I still gave them candy anyways. Many thought I was Ronald McDonald, which I was fine with, since the younger generation isn’t familiar with the Hamburglar!! They still loved the costume though!! Overall, I had a fun time with my costume…..although there was no burgularing of burgers that night :) I hope you enjoyed reading my costume story as much as I enjoyed writing about it.