First I made the props. Which was very difficult to make for a 1 year old. Most of the prop s i make are toddler unfriendly. So I made the shield out of EVA foam, same with the base of the sword. The blade and conductor wand was made from foam board. I made sure to coat everything in a non toxic seal. The hardest part was making the props propotional. I didn’t have a lot of time to go over and measure things with the baby so most of it was done from memory. I had originally made the blad too small but, since I didn’t want to start over, I extended it with more foam board. It worked out because it made the blade more dimentional and sturdy instead of so thin compared to the base.

The first time me and my sister attempted the tunic it came out too short, the second time, not only did she accidently cut the back wrong, but she faced the fabric to stretch long instead of wide. So needless to say putting it on was a challange. Then as I was trying to think of a way for him to hold his sheild, I thought “What if we put it on his back instead!’ With this idea would could not only have him hold more props, but it would cover up the miscut in the back!

The belt is made from a faux leather fabric and a little wooden circle. I put the clips on the front and it kept showing them, so i had to cut and reglue everything to make the clips in the back. The mistake was obvious, but thankfully the shield also covered up this last minute mistake!

The  boots were the most frustrating! We looked EVERYwhere for little uggs that would work for him, without paying full price of course. Most of the items we got with coupons or at thrift stores. I finally found some blue and gray shoes and painted and sealed them. The hight was perfect, which was complelte luck. Had I not, we were going to just make little boot covers. Which I personally think would have looked tacky.

His ears were made from costume elf ears that we cut at the tip and it stayed on his ears by themselves for the most part, but we still put a little spirit glue on there to secure it. The only downfall to that was when it got in his hair and he did not like that at all! Thankfully, the gum remover was gentle and easy.

The bag I made last min. He was originally going to have a pumpkin pale, but then i thought “Why not use the actual bag from the game?” So I put it together out of some felt and he had his spoils bag!

His hat was also made twice from sewing mistakes, but we eventually got it and sewed a diaper inside so that it would stick to his head comfortably, because elastic bands are pretty uncomfortable if they are snug against your head. This also gave the hat a little poof to stick out instead of just fall flat against his back.

The pants we bought and the undershirt we dyed a light green from white.

He sported that costume so well! He not only posed constantly for cameras but he rarely tried to rip anything off. The ears sometimes would fall off and he would sometimes yank off his hat, but for the most part he was just excited at all the people and free candy! While he didn’t win any contests, he was constantly praised and oogled at by people who knew who he was and even people who didn’t!

I had a lot of fun making this costume for him! I’ve always wanted to dress a baby up as a character from Legend of Zelda and now I have.