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Coolest Beetlejuice Halloween Costume 5

by Mark
(North Hollywood, CA, USA)

Handmade Beetlejuice Carousel and Hammerhands Costume

Handmade Beetlejuice Carousel and Hammerhands Costume

Here's a costume I started in 2006 and finally finished in 2008. I've worn it on two Halloween nights and the response has been awesome - for which I am very grateful! The kids just love it because the carousel lights up and rotates, plus the hammer hands are really long and huge...I'm like a circus!

Here's some info about the construction:

* There are 225 individually wired LED lights.

* There are at least 600 hand-soldered points in the wiring.

* The entire suit was painted by hand.

* The carousel headpiece is made out of foam-core board, paper, adhesive and paint.

* The hammers and arms weigh 4 lbs each.

* The headpiece weighs 4.75 lbs.

* The hammers are constructed using a foam frame, and then wrapped around with paper. A long aluminum rod is inside the arms, supporting the hammers.

* The lights and motor are powered by a battery pack worn on the lower back. The battery pack weighs 9.5 lbs.

* In order for the top of the carousel to rotate while maintaining power to the LEDs in the top section, there is a custom made 'track' of copper sheeting that is always in contact with multiple wire brushes, so power is constantly supplied to the lights above as it rotates.

* The entire outfit took more than 200 hours to make -- spread out over a couple of years. It began as a basic costume, then evolved into a more elaborate project.

I hope you enjoy it - sure was fun to make!

Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Costume

Comments for Coolest Beetlejuice Halloween Costume 5

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by: Anonymous


wow man!
by: Anonymous

this is the best Beetlejuice costume I have ever seen!
Way to go the extra mile!

Oh my God!
by: Malti

Damn, I love that costume.

Oh Well
by: Michael

That's what I'm talking about! That's friggin' amazing and inspiring!!!


that is freaking AWESOME!!



Dear God...
by: Alllright

...this is the greatest thing ever.

by: John

Dude, would you be willing to sell this costume.

by: CALI

Great Job!!!!!

by: Captain K

Wow, dude that's awesome

I love that someone put that much time into a costume! Makes me feel less alone in my passion for costumes! XD

Seriously Good Job =D

looks just like Keaton
by: Anonymous

if only you had a cassette of merry go round music from the movie

by: RCA

dude...marry me...just kiddin;) but seriously this is freakin amazing. keep up the good work!

Beetle juice costume
by: Maria B

AWESOME!!!! I absolutely LOVE it... You put a lot of work into this.

the best one!
by: Anonymous

of all the beetlejuice costumes I think yours took the cake! Its my favorite movie ever since I was a little kid n im 30! awesome!

beetlejuice awesome cosplay
by: shermye

awesome !!!
I would love to chat with you, please contact me my facebook is: Yamata no shermye crimson, I will make beetlejuice and I have some doubts.

Serious Offer
by: Chris

I want to buy this, please.

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Coolest Beetlejuice and Lydia Wedding Costume 6

by Rachel

Homemade  Beetlejuice and Lydia Wedding Costume

Homemade Beetlejuice and Lydia Wedding Costume

My husband and I decided to have a Beetlejuice and Lydia Wedding Costume from the wedding scene in the movie.

I got lucky and found a Swiss dot wedding gown from the 70s at an antique store in town. The only problem was that it was white and polyester, with gigantic sleeves. First step was to chop off the sleeves. Then I found out that it's incredibly hard to get dye to take to polyester so I ended up painting it red with acrylic paint and a textile medium that I had to apply with a sponge to 4 layers of lace individually so that they didn't stick together. I spray-painted the lining to match.

Then I decided to make my own hoop skirt to fill out the bottom of the dress. I went to Target and bought a hula hoop and sewed it inside of an old sheet, then put some elastic in the waist and had myself a hoop skirt. Last, I sewed up some arm warmers to match because it's cold in Minnesota at Halloween.

My husband's suit came from the Salvation Army's women's section (it was a ladies velvet pant suit), he got the ruffly shirt at the SA too. The bow tie was his and we went out and bought a wig for the hair/bald head.

Comments for Coolest Beetlejuice and Lydia Wedding Costume 6

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Excellent job!
by: Jenna

I'm thoroughly impressed with this. I was laughing at the comment about having to sponge paint the whole dress because I, too, have run into snags in costume plans where I had to do something ridiculous in order to salvage it.

Kudos, and awesome job!

Hello Rachel from MN
by: mrs rabbitt

I live in MN and was wondering if I could borrow your lydia dress. I've found some vintage dress to make my own, but you live here, and I thought maybe I could rent it from you.
Cantact me at

Mrs. A. Rabbitt

by: Jessica

OMG.. I totally love this I've always wanted to be Lydia but had no idea where to start, fantastic job.

please help
by: Kristen

I have been to every resale and thrift store in my area, I want so bad for this to be our costume this year! Can you please suggest where or what to do to get this dress??

i want to buy this
by: angela

seriously - would you be willing to sell it?

Can I buy/borrow this?!
by: Samantha

My boyfriend and I want to be Lydia and Beetlejuice for Halloween and I am having such a hard time finding costumes. I have been trolling through second-hand stores for months now. If you're willing to rent it out/sell it, I'd definitely be interested!

Awesome Job!
by: Terri

I think u did a remarkable job on this! The best I've seen by far! WTG

love to purchase
by: Anonymous

id love to purchase

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Coolest Beetlejuice Costume 7

by Erin D.
(Moscow, ID)

Homemade Beetlejuice Costume

Homemade Beetlejuice Costume

I ready had the white pants. I went to the Goodwill store to find the white suit which was only $12. I went home, measured out width with strips then painted using both white and black paint the stripes for the Beetlejuice Costume. I borrowed the tie.

The hair I used some spray glue to get my hair to stay up. For my makeup, just white paint, black around the eyes, and a greenish and brownish color for the rotting look Beetlejuice has around the mouth and at the hairline. To make my hairline look more receded I just put some of the greenish paint in my hair and greased it flat at the front.

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