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Coolest Beauty and the Beast Costumes 7

by Laura K
(Fort Worth, TX)

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Beauty and the Beast Costumes

I used little figurines as my models to make Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast Costumes. The main trick is to use fabric fusing to iron on the main fabric to a sheet of foam which is what helps hold the shapes of the costumes. There is basic sewing but I also Velcro and hot glue.

Under each costume, I took a T-shirt and sewed on the sleeves at a diagonal, like a baseball T-shirt, so the sleeves are not actually connected to the costume. Lumiere is actually several pieces. The bottom two thirds is like a skirt. It is held on with suspenders over the T-shirt. The top part was like a backward vest that closed with Velcro in the back. They went to several events when they wore this and after one of the first ones I added the collar (which is what catches the wax) and it looked better.

The candle holders were cuffs that went on with elastic. The flames in his hands were just for the pictures but he didn't carry them when he went trick or treating. The candle head was made of felt fused to a foam sheet. Cogsworth is two sheets of foam on the front and back fused to fabric and regular fabric on the sides. The gold trim on the bottom is painted on the fabric. On both costumes, I was able to add some dimension by adding decorative stitching. Because of the thickness with the foam, this worked well.

The costumes were surprisingly comfortable and kids were able to move around freely in them. They were a huge hit when they wore them!

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by: Anonymous

i loveeeeeee it!!!! so cute!!

love it
by: Anonymous

very cute! love your idea

by: Anonymous

superb costumes, very impressed! Good idea to fuse fabric to the foam.

putting on play
by: Anonymous

Would you happen to have detailed instructions. we would purchase them if available.

Details Please!
by: Sara

Could you please give more detailed instructions? I would love to make this for my kids this year.


Instructions or Pattern Available?
by: Yvonne

Hello! I would like to purchase your pattern for both costumes. They are a beautiful works of art. I read though your how to and I would love more detail, especially with the basic sewing and the making of lumiere, please and thank you. My email is 562.221.5847 I want to make for this Halloween.

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Coolest Belle of the Ball Costume 2

by Christen Sierra
(Phoenix, AZ, )

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball

I feel it is such a privilege to have the talent to make a child feel so unique and special on costume related occasions...Halloween especially!

Four years ago when my little girl was only 3 years old she really wanted to be a princess for Halloween. I am not a huge fan of the wigs and Disney Princess costumes most parents buy for their little girls so I ventured out and decided to make her costume.

Her being brunette we decided to go with Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I found a steal of a deal when purchasing the 8 yards of fabric it took to make the dress and her entire costume ended up costing under $10.

She was definitely the "Belle of The Ball" at the costume party we attended, and with each compliment she would curtsy. Many friends told me that they could tell she felt so beautiful and just like a princess. She has worn the gown over and over again.

Comments for Coolest Belle of the Ball Costume 2

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by: Kasey :)

How beautiful! You have a precious little princess!

Most wonderful gift EVER!!!
by: Princess at Heart

Such a great costume!! Every little girl needs to feel that pretty!

by: katie

your costume is so pretty I love it!

Gorgeous costume
by: Anonymous

Its a beautiful dress and your daughter looks adorable. I was wondering where and how you made this dress. Can you write a step by step guideline on your page on how to make this dress. My daughter's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make the same Belle dress for her as well. Thanks so much!

amazingg dress
by: jaime

hi wanted to know if you can make me one for my daughter i seen every dress and yours is amazinggg cant you call me ill pay you to make it and ill pay for the shippingg 3475287769 jaime thankss

its an amazing dress
by: Melissa

Hi, i agree with jaime. there is not one quite like yours. i have been searching for the perfect dress for my daughter. i have seen so many dresses but yours is the best. well i was wondering if there was any way if you would be willing to make my daughters dress. all expenses will be paid of course. if you can contact me i would really appreciate it. 909-232-3252
thank you

its an amazing dress
by: Melissa

hi my name is melissa. i have searched so many places for the perfect dress and yours is by far the best. i was wondering if there is anyway that you can make one for my daughter. i would really appreciate it. you can contact me by email:
thank you so mch and if you can do this i would be most grateful.

by: Anonymous

Hello Im a grandmother of a three year old. Im planning her a big princess party for her 5TH BIRTHDAY. Yes its a long time from now but to get that perfect dress i cant wait to get it lol. so i wanted you to make one for my little princess. So I;m thinking a 5t dress would do. If you can email me so i can get more info at thanks so much. Your dress is the perfect one...I have been looking everywhere for one and nothing compares to this one:)

question on making this dress
by: Brenda

Tell me how you did the crinolin and slip. This pattern is out of print so I am using another pattern but trying to make the skirt like the picture.

One of the pictures on the internet mentions crinolin and a slip.

belle costume 2_
by: cara

May I first say lovely daughter u have such great talent I was wondering do u have step guide on how to make it I have a two yr old I'm a single mommy with tight budget.I can't afford much of the princess things in stores but wud love fomfor once to make her feel like one

What patten?
by: Anonymous

What pattern did you use on this?

please please e-mail me
by: Lizeth

are u selling the dress or making anymore please email me

Contact me...
by: Christen

I designed and sewed this dress. I didn't realize all of these comments were posted to this site. If you are interested in a pattern or a complete dress please contact me!

Christen Sierra

by: Anonymous

I want this dress for my daughters birthday. Please email me @ This dress is amazing

by: bella hernandez


Belle "Inspired" Princess Gown
by: Christen Noelle

I am happy to announce that the pattern for my Belle "Inspired" Princess Gown is now available online.

I posted a link with extra pics on my website

Thank you for your interest. I hope all your little princesses dreams come true!

XOXO-Christen Noelle

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Coolest Homemade Belle Costume 11

by Julie D
(South MS)

Homemade Belle Costume

Homemade Belle Costume

Each year we do a group theme for Trunk Or Treat at my friend's Day Care center. This year our theme was Disney Princesses. I decided to go as Belle. After looking for a ready made costume for a few weeks I decided to make my own Homemade Homemade Belle Costume. I searched through second hand stores and yard sales for a dress. I ended up finding a wedding dress with tucks in it and my imagination went wild.

First I dyed the dress yellow. Then, using about 10 yards of golden yellow tulle, I attached two layers of scallops to the dress with safety pins and about 3 yards to the shoulders of the dress. I bought some silk roses and pinned them to the scallops. Aside from dying and dryind time the whole dress took about an hour to make. Because it was all pinned on, it can be taken apart and reused for something else.

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