Friends of mine had a peacock-themed wedding and every guest received one peacock feather at their table setting. At the end of the night, there were so many feathers left, so I got the idea to ask the bride and groom if I could take the leftovers to use for a Halloween costume. I made the tail of the costume by using a glue gun to paste all of the feathers in a “fan” patters to a piece of cardboard, which I covered with blue sequins cloth.

I attached two pieces of blue ribbon on both sides of the cardboard, and tied them under my arm/over my shoulder to hold up the tail. I made the tank top by sewing the same sequins cloth onto an old tank top that I no longer wore, and then gluing more feathers onto the stomach. The skirt was made by cutting about 50 strips of black and blue tulle, and tying them into knots around a thick elastic band around the waist. I taped more feathers around a headband that I already had to my head. To top the costume off, I used face paint to make my face look like a peacock, added rhinestones above my eyebrows, and taped feathers into the toe part of my shoes! The costume was a HUGE hit and cost me less than $20 to make!