I have been pretty much obsessed with anything Disney, mermaid, Ariel and the ocean pretty much my whole life, and with my red hair I figured it was about time I was Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

To make this costume I enlisted the help from my friend to sew the tail as my sewing skills are pretty much non existent! To make it I spent about 65$ on Fabric and Supplies. The body of the tail is made of a stretchy/spandex green shiny material, almost similar to what a bathing suit would be made out of. The waist band and the fins are made from 2 different colours of tule (a lighter green and a sparkly dark green) that we layered on top of each other. I also bought an elastic waist band to help keep the skirt up and in place, and some green thread

Sewing it took a while as we would spend about 2hrs at a time working on it. To start we taped a bunch of newspaper together then traced out my body shape to use as the stencil to cut the fabric with. We spent a good amount of time getting the fit just right, measuring out where I wanted to skirt to sit on my hips and where I wanted it to open and flare out.

We cut the tool is several strips bunched them up to give it flow then sewed it on. It was a bit of trail and error to see what would work best but overall a pretty easy thing to put together!

For the top I bought a plastic seashell bra from Amazon, painted it with metallic purple acrylic paint, glued on purple and white/clear crystals, then glued it on a nude strapless bra.

For Ariel you want to keep your makeup minimal (since she is a natural beauty) and red lipstick. And of course long flowing hair with voluminous bangs! (Which I had to to a lot of backcombing and pinning to get since I do not have bangs!)

Put it all on and get ready to have compliments all night! This costume is very close to what Ariel actually looks like and people notice. I went out to a big costume ball downtown and had people coming up to me all night saying how great I looked. It was very easy to walk and dance in, and of  course very fun to wear if you’re like me and are a mermaid stuck on land ;) You can customize this to it can be in any colour you want and can fit any body because you are tailoring it to how you want!

So enjoy and don’t forget your dinglehopper!