This Bat-Tastic family Halloween group costume was one of my favorites to make and wear out! It was a huge hit at my brothers’ Halloween party and didn’t make a dent in my bank account! Plus, it was awesome all three siblings were characters from Batman!

  • The hunter green leotard was purchased at a dance store. Lucky for me, I found it for $5.00 on the sale rack!
  • I  bought the green tights at Spirit Halloween, along with the red hairspray. Those were no more than about $8.00.
  • The most expensive part of this costume was the leaves which I found at AC Moore. All together they were about $16.00.
  • I glued the leaves around my front neckline and in different areas on the leotard. I wrapped the top of each of my boots to give the extra ivy effect to the costume.
  • After curling and spraying my hair I used bobby pins to keep my hair in place and hold in a few of the leaves.
  • The makeup was also simple. I did my usual routine and my friend used green eye makeup to draw in ivy plants around each eye. I used a little red hairspray to paint each of my eye brows and red lip stick for my lips.
  • Lastly, I put some leaves around my arm and a gold belt around my waist.
  • Voila! Every place I walked into people went crazy over this simple, DIY Poison Ivy costume!