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Awesome DIY Barbie Costume Ideas

My husband and I decided to be Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken this year for Halloween. I was diagnosed with a form of Dysautonomia called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. (POTS) in December 2014.

  • Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken Doll Costumes
  • Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken Doll Costumes
  • Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken Doll Costumes
  • Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken Doll Costumes

Basically my body can’t adjust to gravity. I’m normal in a supine position but the minute I stand up my heart Rate increases drastically…from 85-130-180 just by standing up. It can cause me to faint, I get dizzy a lot, light headed, I can’t stand very long, I have to use a Walker Or wheelchair to walk. I went from normal to very sick literally over night.

We needed to figure out a costume where I can still dress up but also sit down quite a bit. I love dressing up and trying to figure out what to be was hard. I thought I would miss out on this Halloween! It is my favourite day!!!

After brainstorming some ideas we thought ‘ Barbie and Ken with a twist! I can be walker Barbie and he can be my superhero since he’s been there for me and hasn’t left my side since my diagnosis.

We then bought boxes and while he was at work I sat on the floor and began to cut the boxes into the shape there in. I took pink and blue tissue paper and taped it to the box for the color. I hand made the Barbie and Ken signs along with the Mattel signs on construction paper and white paint for the Mattel words.

After two days it was complete. We were wondering how I could hold mine up … My husband cut holes in my barbie box and attached my box onto my walker so I can still use my Walker to monouver around and when I needed to sit, there was plenty of room for me to do so. :)

DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume

The inspiration for this Barbie costume was one of those random thoughts you have that lead to another random thought. About three weeks before Halloween, I had seen a toy rubber duck at work and it reminded me of a Barbie I had when I was little, 1996 Ocean Friends Barbie. 

  • DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume
  • DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume
  • DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume
  • DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume
  • DIY Ocean Friends Barbie Costume

She came with a toy rubber orca and as a kid, I was disappointed that the toy orca did not have a blow hole and so my dad heated a nail over the stove so it would melt a hole in the rubber and create a “blow hole.” That random memory then made me think about that Barbie and I was sad that I did not take care of her as a kid and no longer had her, yet I was able to still keep my other many Barbies who weren’t as cool! Missing her, I went to to search for my long lost Barbie and once I found a picture of her, I instantly recognized her and her vibrant pink wet suit and fell in love with it all over again. I silently cussed at myself for not taking care of such an awesome toy. If you put her into cold water, her legs would turn black like she had on wet suit pants. I admired her form fitting wet suit and I then instantly thought about how neat of a costume that it would be and I would be able to pay tribute to my beautiful Barbie.

The items for my costume were a bit of a challenge since I was not going to be able to find a wet suit like that with 2 weeks before Halloween and I wasn’t sure what material would be similar to a wet suit. I tried my luck at a few different fabric stores and then tried Hancock fabrics and to my amazement they had every color and fabric I needed and for awesome prices. I was also able to find a pattern by McCalls that was a misses’ zippered bodysuit by Yaya Han. I bought Lyrca fabric for the pink of the suit since that was going to be a majority of the color and used polyester for the blue and black since it was less expensive.

The silver trim on the collar was from Hancock Fabrics as well. I already had some black stretchy tights but I did buy the watch (which is an actual snorkel watch) and the fanny pack, again with happy memories of childhood, from Since walking around with flippers is never easy or attractive I opted for black wedge shoes since the black shoes would blend in with the black tights. I also bought a bag of Swedish Fish and Gold Fish crackers to hand out as my “whale treats”. I also made a pin out of old toy packaging that said “Sea World Staff” in case someone didn’t know what I was, because you know there is always going to be that person. My friend let me borrow her stuffed orca that she had actually bought at Sea World.

The biggest challenge though was creating the “wet suit.” I know how to sew, but had never sewed any patterns before and so I had my sister help me. Figuring out where to stitch the patterns like it was a puzzle. I was afraid that if my collar was not standing up around my neck, that it was going to look like a track jacket, so I reinforced some wire around the collar and then stitched black fabric over it.

Overall, I spent about $40 on my Barbie costume.

I had told my coworkers and friends about my idea and that I was going to sew a “wet suit” and many of them doubted I could pull it off but little did they know I was a master of crafts. Once I posted my photos of my costume onto social media and they were able to see the results, they were astonished by how well it turned out. I didn’t expect anyone at the Halloween parties to to get my costume, but surprisingly ladies my age remembered the same Barbie and they couldn’t believe that my costume was homemade. I would like for you to know that my costume is 100% original and it was handcrafted with many intense hours of manual labor with needle, thread, sewing machine, glue gun and input from family. Mostly thanks to the happy memory of my dad making my toy orca just right.

Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume

Barbie and Ken have officially hit middle age! My husband and I came up with the idea because we have been called “Barbie and Ken” over the years? but thought we would put a funny spin on it!

  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume
  • >
  • Middle-Aged Barbie and Mid-Life Crisis Ken Couple Costume

We purchased U-Haul Space-Saver Wardrobe boxes for $9.95 each, and spray painted them with Krypton Mambo Pink spray paint (purchased at Hobby Lobby 30% off for about $5 a can). It took a couple of cans per box.

I hand-drew the cut out area of the box and cut with a box cutter.  After cutting them, I sprayed the inside of the boxes with Krypton Island Splash spray paint (Hobby Lobby, around $5, took one can per box).

I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to make the cut-out Barbie and Ken writing, using “Dollie” font for the script and “Barbie” font for the rest. We attached the boxes to ourselves using a belt around our waist which went through holes around the back of the box (see picture).

Ken’s wig was a classic brown wig spray painted with bright yellow paint. The brush I hot-glued inside was a Tangle Angel de-tangling brush purchased from Amazon for $10.

Inside Ken’s box was a prescription empty bottle labeled with the Viagra logo, and on the other side was a picture of a red Corvette.

The clothing is just pieces we put together on our own. I would say that each box cost around $40-$45 to make.  It was a ton of fun and everyone loved it!  The backs of the boxes got lots of laughs and Ken’s wig was definitely a favorite among many.

They were by far the most fun costumes we have ever worn!  It made Halloween 2015 a memorable one, for sure!

Barbie Styling Head Costume

This Barbie costume was super easy to make! I took the side of a large box and cut an oval in the middle (big enough to have your shoulders fit through) I covered it in a pink tablecloth from the dollar store; used children’s play makeup/accessories (can use whatever you have laying around at home!) I bought the wig off of amazon; jewelry came fron Walmart in the Halloween section; apply Barbie like makeup; this cost less than $20 to make (even less depending what you have at home already!)

  • Barbie Styling Head Costume

Bar Hopping Barbie in a Box Costume

I’ve seen other Barbie in a box costume ideas and I had to try it with my own twist, Bar Hoppin’ Barbie. It was a big project.

  • Bar Hopping Barbie in a Box Costume

Barbie Costume Instructions

  • I used cardboard for the box and covered it with pink party table clothes.
  • I lined the inside with white butcher paper.
  • I left one side unattached so I could step in and out of it.
  • I used Velcro so I could close it while I was inside.
  • I attached white handles to the inside as it was on casters so I could walk with it.
  • I lined the inside with Barbie accessories, a built in cup holder and a purse glued into it to hold my stuff.
  • I also included a mini strobe light to fit the Bar Hoppin’ Barbie theme.
  • I used winterizing window cling for the front “windows” and I blow dried them tight.
  • I added Bar Hoppin’ Barbie branding to the box.

This costume was a blast and I had so many compliments. People still talk about it years later.

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