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Coolest Dance! Workout with Barbie Costume 3

by Miranda T.
(Louisville, KY)

Homemade Dance! Workout with Barbie Costume

Homemade Dance! Workout with Barbie Costume

My Homemade Dance! Workout with Barbie Costume was inspired by the Dance! Workout with Barbie video from 1992. I did this video countless times as a child, so I thought this would be a great idea for me. I began the process by purchasing the VHS on Amazon and even going through my old Barbie dolls and finding the actual doll with outfit and all.

My costume is a white long sleeve t-shirt, white leggings, and white fabric all dyed pink, so that they would match perfectly. I also bought a white leotard, in which I took a star stamp and blue fabric paint and decorated it to match Barbie’s Leotard.

The leg warmers are a pair of socks that I cut the toe off and decorated with the blue stars as well. I bought pink sweatbands and I had white tennis shoes. Barbie didn’t have a pink fanny pack, but I thought she needed one- and it was where I kept my phone and camera all night.

My hair is pulled into a ponytail and then twist rope braided, and I used a pink scrunchy for full Barbie effect. My bangs are curled and pinned with a lot of hair spray and a couple of bobby pins. My makeup is mimicking Barbie’s blue eyeshadow, and to get a more “doll” look I used white eye liner on the line of the lid.

To get into the spirit of Barbie Workout I popped in the VHS and made sure to do the work out all night long. When I would take pictures I would make sure my elbows were bent, because Barbie’s arms are not straight. I had a great time being Barbie, and everyone who remembers the video loved my costume!

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Best Barbie
by: Anonymous

This is so funny! I was there that night, and she was in full character!! it was hilarious, she was dancing and doing all the moves from the video! Great costume Miranda!!!

Barbie is great!!!
by: Cassie Henderson

Awesome Barbie work out costume :0)

by: Anonymous

Very cute costume!

Spot on!
by: Ruby

What a unique idea! Did you hand paint the costume?? From the hair to the makeup, this costume made me so so happy. Awesome!

by: Anonymous

I loved Miranda in this costume. It was so funny.

Barbie Dance
by: Anonymous

She did an amazing job. Not only does she dress up, she ACTS the part which makes it a whole different experience. Bravo Mirn, bravo!

Love it!
by: Brittany

Great costume! It was a really fun idea, and it's obvious that a lot of work went into it. I wasn't sure Miranda could top last year's pinata costume, but Dance! Workout Barbie was a hilarious one too, so I can't wait to see what next year's will be!

Unique, funny and meaningful!
by: LouAnn

Such a unique costume idea! And, it means something to you! You obviously worked hard on all the details of the costume and your replication is spot-on. Most importantly, your costume has definite comedic value and I guarantee no one else had the same costume!

by: Amanda

Barbie would be so proud! All girls in the twenties must've done this workout... what a an awesome throwback! And all done in character! Go Babs!

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Coolest Barbie "Solo in the Spotlight" Costume 3

by Kerrie
(Edmonton, Canada)

Homemade Barbie

Homemade Barbie "Solo in the Spotlight" Costume

After looking through my old childhood dress-up box for Halloween costume inspirations, I found a long black sparkly dress that belonged to my great grandma. I have always been a fan of Barbie, and I thought, "this looks like Barbie's black dress" and got to work on transforming it into my favorite Barbie.

I took off the straps, folded 4m of black tulle and stitched it to the bottom of the dress, then added a red rose. I have shoulder length hair, so for Barbie’s famous blonde ponytail I cut the top of a blonde wig, sewed and hot glued it to a banana clip, then just clipped it onto my short ponytail. I found long black evening gloves and a big pearl costume necklace for the accessories.

The final touch of this Barbie "Solo in the Spotlight" Costume was my “Genuine Barbie by Mattel” wrist tag. I cut pink poster board into the right size, used Microsoft word to make the label, then glued the white onto the pink and attached it to my wrist using sticky Velcro.

This has been my favorite Halloween costume to date, and I used mostly items that I already owned so it was very cheap!

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Coolest Barbie Costume 5

by Megan E.
(Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA)

Coolest Barbie Costume 5

Coolest Barbie Costume 5

My Coolest Barbie Costume was pretty and easy and pretty cheap to make! It was a last minute costume that took about an hour of shopping and getting ready in total.

First you need a pink dress and shoes! I bought my pink dress from Charlotte Russe in the mall for $20 and my pink toms I already had! I purchased my wig from Walmart for $5, fake eyelashes for $5 and costume jewelry from the kids section at Walmart for $5!

To get ready I used a lot of bronzer, glitter, and eye makeup! After putting on my makeup I put on the costume, then wig! This Barbie costume was a very fast and fun, for around $35.

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