RU-FI-OOOOoo! This year I went as the iconic leader of the Lost Boys from the movie Hook. Who DIDN’T want to be Rufio as a kid?

The majority of the costume was a large leather trench-coat from the thrift store that I cut up to make the jacket, leather strips, belt, and wristbands. Red leggings and a pair of skinny jeans with plenty of rips complete the main pieces. I found an old pair of boots and covered them in red felt to create the shoes. .

Since I like to do things over the top, I placed a large order of boar’s tusks on the internet and aged them in a strong coffee brew to create the necklace as well as the teeth on his wristbands. I also purchased a cow’s vertebrae and made that into his ring that is seen briefly from time to time on the screen.

The coolest sword in cinema history was made with a real coconut cut in half. It was a lot of work, but so much fun! Bangarang!!