Costume by Corky L., Prior Lake, MN

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As a mother of young children I was always on the look out for great ideas for the kids. Bananas in pajamas are an Australian cartoon (see picture) and also a TV show and seeing the live characters sparked my imagination.

I went and bought 4 pieces of cushion foam (your biggest cost) and shaped them like the bananas. Each banana was made from 2 pieces (vertically a front and back) shoulders cut out and then once placed over the head the area for your head cut out (do NOT cut the foam with your head inside – NOT a good idea).

Covered the banana in a layer of soft stretcher fleece-like material to hold the pieces together then covered them with a yellow fleece and added the eyes and smile.

I took 2 new pencils and poked them through the top of the bananas and added the stem made out of foam and covered with brown fleece and sewed it on.

Homemade Banana in Pajamas Costume

Out of the leftover foam I shaped together shoe covers so you still have traction on the ground. Covered the shoe covers with the same fleece and added the white to the front. I bought a simple pajama pattern and taped the front pieces of the pattern together so it would be just 4 pieces (the arms front and back) then made sure that the top opening was big enough to fit over the banana then put elastic in it so it would stay on.

The banana in pajama top is attached with safety pins to the banana head (don’t sew it on because you will need to occasionally wash it) and a vinyl tablecloth material in white was added for the collar. Pajama bottoms are simple pajama bottoms and allow for easy bathroom access (normally a pre-requisite for any costumes I make). Just watch your head going in the doors or stalls!

The only things I have to purchase year in and year out are the gloves (I tend to lose them) and the yellow clown face paint). Being a banana in pajama is the most fun you will ever have (ok maybe not the most but definitely a ton of fun). Great for both kid-friendly parties (won’t scare the kids) and adult parties (you can just imagine the comments!)

Total Spent: $225