In modern day times Little Red Riding Hood would not be eaten by the wolf or need a hunter to save her, in fact she would be a lot smarter and kill that wolf herself. In fact, in recent modern literature Roald Dahl wrote a Little Red Riding Hood poem where she pulls out a gun at the end, kills the wolf and makes a wolf coat.

I read this four years ago but it’s always been in my mind, it’s empowering and is important for girls to read today. I mean, don’t go shoot a wolf or something, but be smarter and stand up for yourself and fight if you are ever attacked.

So, I decided to twist the classic and make my Little Red more badass, with a gun, leather and my own personal wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood:

The only thing I purchased was the gun, which was 3.00 and orange. I spray painted it silver and colored the tip black with sharpie. I wore black matte leather leggings which I already owned but anything matte and dark will do. I wore high wedged leather black boots with these and pulled them over the leggings. For my top I happened to already own a billowing red sleeve top, and I borrowed a black corset from my friend and laced that on top. I think something red with puffy sleeves and a corset are key here because they give your costume that antique look but keep it modern and sexy.

The red cape was a pain, because it was sold out everywhere in stores so I bought some fabric (for 50% off!) and made one myself using a Youtube tutorial. Cost 5.00. My makeup was gothic black and red eyeshadow (I used my blush in place of red eyeshadow), fake lashes, red lipstick, pale face and red nails. I was going to make three scratches down my face but ran out of time. I curled my hair and the look was complete! Everyone knew who I was and loved my twist on it.

Big Bad Wolf” My friend wore a black dress, black leather boots, some chains around her neck. She did her makeup silver and black, drew on some whiskers, a black nose and wore false lashes. She bought a wolf hoodie that had paws attached to it and teased her hair up really big and crazy.

In all of our pictures and when we were out we always made it look like I was killing her, so the point got across there was a new red riding hood out about about who wasn’t so little. I think other girls dressed as a more slutty little red riding hood were not too pleased which made me pleased. We need more motivating, strong females in our stories and I loved changing a timid one into a strong one!