My husband and I are theater teachers/directors and we love to make homemade costumes. We take it pretty seriously. One of our favorite books is “Where the Wild Things Are” and, before we were even expecting, we knew that, if we had a boy, his first Halloween costume would be Max from the book. We also knew that his nursery would have the same theme.

My husband painstakingly drew the illustrations from the book…all of them .. free hand… on the border of my son’s nursery. It turned out wonderful and I was so happy that he did something so wonderful for our child.

My son’s birthday is Oct. 25, so we have a Halloween themed birthday. My husband worked very hard on this costume to make sure that it looked great. I think he did a fantastic job. He used a white fleece hooded romper from Old Navy, made ears, attached claws to hands and feet, attached whiskers to the hood, added big buttons and covered in fleece, attached a real fur tail (working a theatre has its privileges) and made a crown out of foam and fear.

My son wore the costume during his whole party and loved it!

This was Halloween 2009.