For Liona’s first birthday her grandpa bought her a shopping cart. She runs around the house pushing it all around. She has such a blast with it! We were trying to figure out what she should be for Halloween, when I see her running around with her little cart. Then I realized she should be a Coupon Queen!

I found a solid colored outfit, and used puff paint to write Coupon Queen complete with crown on the Q. I was thinking about maybe writing Deal Diva instead, but decided to go with my first idea. I took some coupons and made a coupon bow for her hair. Her big sisters helped me make a coupon binder. The front of it says ‘Don’t touch the binder’. We asked some friends with a food pantry if we could borrow some items. We knew we needed a lot of one or two items to fill her little shopping cart, and since we were on a very tight budget this seemed like the best way to take care of that.

Thankfully they said yes, and let us use about 25 little soap boxes, and about 30 tubes of toothpaste.   I thought that I could put her candy bucket in the middle, and then place the items around the bucket. Well that didn’t work!  Her candy bucket was too big! So we ended up just carrying it for her. Some people just thee her candy into her shopping cart, and since she had all the other stuff in there it held the candy pretty well.

The design flaw for this costume was that the front wheels of the cart would get caught on the deeper cracks. To keep her from tipping forward someone had to hold on to the front of the cart and gently lift over the cracks. This makes for a long night of Trick or Treat! It’s what we do for our kids though!  All in all it turned out well. She was very cute, and everyone thought it was adorable. They especially like to binder and coupon bow! One lady even said that I was teaching her right!