This is my 10 month old daughter Joni! Since the day she was born she always reminded us of a “baby bird” so her nickname “J Bird” instantly stuck with the entire family! I knew I wanted her to be a bird for Halloween but just couldn’t find any store bought costumes that were good enough! So I decided to tackle it myself! It took 3 months because I could only work on it when she took naps because she loved to EAT the felt! We also travel in a 5th wheel 10 months out of year with my husband’s job so I stay very busy taking care of all of my big “man children”!! Every bit of what you see was handmade except the leggings! I decided to make it blue because a jay bird is blue but i threw a few pinks in there to make it a little girly! I cut each and every feather and used a pumpkin costume guide from Hobby Lobby and cotton stuffing for the base of the suit, Made 2 hats because I wasn’t satisfied with the first and it was all done with fabric glue! (my machine was to crowded for our camper) Needless to say from the look on her face she HATED it! Haha but everyone loved it! It was perfect and our little “J bird” got lots of laughs and candy!! (Which made up for her hatred of the big puffy costume!) After the HOURS and DAYS I spent on this it would be nice to know it all payed off with a grande prize win! But I’ll keep it forever as a keepsake for her 1st Halloween and maybe one day her daughter can wear it!:)