I made this costume mostly from cardboard, hot glue, and floor foam. The gun and the entire suit is all handmade. If you look closely you can see a grenade hanging from my belt. This was made by wrapping a soda can in floor foam then cutting out some more pieces and gluing them for effect.

The light up eyes are called Glospex glasses and they were the only real piece of the costume that I couldn’t make myself.

I initially started out by printing up plans that I found on the internet. After cutting the templates out, I taped them to the sheets of cardboard. Using a very sharp hobby knife, I would trace the templates and then score the pieces so that they can be bent. Using masking tape to tape them into shape before hot gluing the pieces.

I chose this costume because I have always been a fan of the Warhammer 40k series. Reading most of the books and playing any and all of the video games. This is really only my second costume and the first one of this difficulty.

Anyone looking for templates should go to Obscurus Crusade and download them. Then find a program called Pepakura. The files that you download are readable on Pepakura. Once you have them, you have to size them to fit you, which can be a little tedious and difficult but with a little practice you can get it right. Once the pieces are resized you can print them up on a standard printer and then tape the pieces of together in order to cut them out.

Thanks for looking at my costume and i hope you enjoy it. For next Halloween I plan on doing a more detailed and more to scale (over 7 feet) costume with accessories.