When my four year old son, Jet decided he wanted to Sackboy this year my husband was all sort of excited to make his costume.  The cool thing about this was once the Sackboy was made he could then dress that up in any costume he wanted as in the video game you go around and collect pieces to different costumes for Sackboy, however he ended up only wanting a cape!

We started with a top hat for the head, and used Great Stuff foam to build it up, then carved it to the shape we wanted, and then carved out the mouth.  The eyes are clear plastic Christmas ornaments from Micheals (there are advantages to all the Christmas stuff out before Halloween) cut in half and spray painted black.  We cut and hot glued them and the felt in for the mouth.  The head set a little low on Jet’s head so we put a little pillow stuffing in the top of the original top hat and held it up there with a piece of felt (hot glued), this also made it very comfortable to wear, and using the foam made it light weight.

For the body we bought a a roll of burlap, rolled it out on the floor and had Jet lay on it, then cut around him (a bit bigger of course).  Layed that down and cut another piece the same size (front and back).  We then sewed the front and back together with shoe string.  For the zipper, it’s also all made out of foam insulation, we used the thin silver sheets, spray painted the black part and just cut rectangles all the way up.  For the ‘handle’ part of the zipper we used the Great Stuff and carved it out, then spray painted it with chrome spray paint, be careful doing this as spray paint will eat though your foam.

This costume was a HUGE HIT! Everyone loved it and Jet loved all the attention. Although a lot of people didn’t know what he was they thought it was really cool anyway.  He wore this from 1:30 in the afternoon when his school party started until 7:30 at night and was very comfortable.  We live in Michigan, and Halloween is always cold and rainy so I think he was also the warmest kid in the neighbor hood. I did have to laugh though when he was running from house to house and tripped, his head went rolling haha. We had a lot of fun with this costume!

Thanks for looking!