I always come up with my costume basically the day after Halloween is over for the next year. This year I already know what I am doing for next year. I always go as something from a movie. Ive been the leg lamp from The Christmas Story, The Flux Capacitor from Back To The Future, the treasure map from The Goonies, and this year I went as an At-At Walker from Star Wars.

I made it with 3 sheets 4×8 feet of polystyrene pop riveted together for that industrial look, foam for the feet, and car LED’s for the lasers. It took about 100 hours including the designing and brainstorming and cost about $500 in materials. People couldn’t believe there was a human inside or how it functioned. I had to be hunched over the entire night. The second photo is of me standing up to give my back a break. The third photo is it dismantled for transporting.  The video is of me getting down and dancing as much as I possibly could in there.

Do #starwars #atatwalkers like to #dance on #Halloween ? You bet they do… #Halloweencostume #costume #atat #atatwalker #besthalloweencostume @starwars #starwars #theforceawakens

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