It all started when I was young. I loved Halloween. It was a day full of color, kids dressed up and happy. Belly’s full of candy. What more can a kid ask for! I loved all the costume characters, especially the home made ones, how unique they were, how no one else had them but that one person. I started making costumes for barbies, jackets for my dog and now big characters. I love it as a hobby and to walk down Tricker Treat Street and talk with the kids. I also like to volunteer at the haunted houses for charity, and cant wait to do it again this year!

I made this  Purple People Eater costume with the following things:

  • Glue, Foam, Fabric, paper plates, white tape, a helmet, long sleeve shirt, and leggings

For the stilts I used:

  • wood, nails, bungee cords, loop ring screws, and steel bars

I started the head and used a helmet. I took paper plates to form the jaw and teeth. I put foam all around it and carved the foam how I wanted then I glued the fabric how I wanted and wrapped the teeth with white duck tape. Then I started the chest and carved foam shoulders and horns on them. I wrapped the shoulders with white tape and the body with fabric. I made black six pack abs. and tied it around me. I then took my long sleeve shirt and glued the foam to it and carved it out and glued the fabric around. I did the same with the leggings.

Now with the feet I found a video on YouTube and followed it and after I did it, also covered in foam, cut it out and glued the fabric to. I think the hardest part was trying to make the stilts and cutting the wood just right. But it’s fun! I love to see the reactions on peoples faces when they see this Purple People Eater running around, because Halloween isn’t only Treats but some Tricks as well.