We wanted to do a couple costume as we are newly married and thought a take on bride and groom would be apt, preferably a really spooky one.

Have always been somewhat fascinated by Mexican Day of the Dead ‘Dia de los Murtes’ here in Ireland, the birthplace of Oiche Samhain (Halloween in Irish) we have ‘all hallows eve’ and ‘all saints day’ so a similar vibe

I loved the make up and spooky ethos, and I noticed they did a lot of dead bride and groom costumes.. perfect!

I did a quick test run on myself for make up and thought, ok, should be easy enough. However we were having a huge Halloween party in our house and I kinda ran out of time, ended up with 20 mins each, but it turned out ok in the end

I sourced YouTube videos on skull make up (amazing resource!) and searched images and artwork on Dia De Los Murtes for our looks, I had a blue green and pink theme for mine as had matching glue on jewels (and I also used a favorite coffee mug for inspiration, pictured ).

I used white and black face paint make up and regular eye shadows and eyeliners, kohl etc.

The contacts I sourced online, and sprayed our hair white.

The wedding dress is a second hand thrift store buy, my veil is a pair of net curtains from Ikea, and various fake flowers. Grooms is an old suit dusted with talcum powder, top hat we had and dusted up a bit, cobwebs, spiders and miniature skeletons we attached with abandon.

We had the most amazing night and party!, Got a great reaction all round, make up and costumes lasted all night and were comfortable and warm, a bonus in cold Dublin in October! All our friends went out of their way with amazing costumes, roll on this year!