This was a labor of love! I built this Baymax suit from EVA foam from scratch. I found a 3d render on the internet and imported it into Pepakura.

I should note that I have never worked with this medium before! After I printed the template our on cardstock, I traced it onto foam with a sharpie.

Next, cutting it out with an utility knife!  *sharpen sharpen sharpen!  After every few cuts sharpen your blade! It makes a cleaner cut and the seam is much easier to glue.

Hot glue. Man did I use a lot of it too! Make sure you’re using high temp glue so it wont fall apart!

After it was glued I went over gaps with a paintable latex caulk. The paint I chose to use was Plastidip. A little pricey but I wanted the rubbery strength added to the armor.

I then added poly strap and platic clips to piece the armor together and hold it on. I did have to buy some elastic bands to place in the fingers and feet to help hold them on.

The last step was simply putting it all on and trying to walk. Ha, no easy feat! After a test run I knew I had to cut out some foam on the thighs and at the back of the knees to allow some mobility.

I would have to say after 180+ hours of working on this, the most rewarding part of it all was the reactions from the kids! Even adults loved it. I wore it this year at my companies Trunk or Treat as well at my church Harvest Party. Kids flocked to me yelling, “Baymax!” One small boy came up crying to me and hugged me. His mother proceeded to say that Baymax is his favorite character.

I also have to acknowledge the extreme patience my wife had during this. We had our 4th child in September, so juggling Dad duty while taking on such a huge task was taxing on all parties.

Needless to say I have earned major cool dad points with this!