I took my daughter shopping for a costume. While she was in the fitting room, I started looking around. I was drawn to the full body suits. My mind was filling with all kinds of ideas. I am a “fluffy” woman and there was NO way I would wear one of those.

My 6’2″ fifteen year old son, on the other hand…

He told me he was not going to dress up this Halloween. I still ran my idea by him.  He LOVED it!

The next morning I went to the craft store to gather the supplies I would need to make him into a runway model, an AIRPORT RUNWAY, with a control tower head piece, planes and flashing lights to complete the look!

I used a black body suit, colored duct tape, battery powered poster lights, black fabric paint, cardboard, white paper and small lightweight planes. I made a rookie mistake by using duct tape. I thought it would stick to the fabric.  It did not!  grrrrrrrr  It looked really good though.  I used the fabric paint along the edges of the duct tape and that solved the problem.  It held the duct tape in place really well!

This costume took me about 8 hours to complete.  I would have been done sooner but trying to solve the duct tape problem took me some time to figure out. Total cost was around $65.  The most expensive piece was the body suit. I had a GREAT time making this costume.  The BEST part was when my son got home from school and tried it on.  HE LOVED IT!

This costume was a GREAT SUCCESS!!  (and that can be difficult to achieve with a teenager).