Here is a flower car made out of cardboard and decorated with close to 200 paper crepe flowers around a wheelchair.  Each flower was hand made and took about a week to make all the flowers. This was a blast to make and took some time but worth it and fun showing it off at several Halloween events.

Tools used: cardboard boxes, plastic table cloths,zip ties, green pipe cleaners, craft glue and various crepe paper rolls (various colors) pom poms. Florist wire; hot glue gun and glue sticks. Cardboard boxes used and covered with plastic table cloth using hot glue. Zip ties used to hold the cardboard to the chair (2 holes top and bottom inserted and threaded through and around the chair pole and repeated on each side).

Making the flowers: cut squares of crepe paper. Folded over to form a triangle and glued side by side in a circle and added the pom pom in the middle. Hot glued the flowers to the cardboard frame covering all of the pink.  I overlapped the flowers to make it look full.

Added the trellis: I used the green florist wire for support and wrapped it with green pipe cleaners in sections and added flowers and other miscellaneous decorations.

Headlights: used push lights and mounted with the green floral wire (inserted 2 holes for each light in the cardboard and threaded through and tied to stay in place).