Autumn? Tree Nymph? Mother Nature?!?  OK I still don’t know what I was, but it was awesome regardless! WELL… this was my costume that I wore last year. It was awesome!!! everyone loved it! The weird part was the vision came to me in a dream…. yes, that’s right… A DREAM!! I am a bit of a creative nut TBH. The best part of my costume is that is was made entirely from things from the dollar store!! it cost me $14!!! (well I also used an old skirt and bandeaux that I already had in my closet.).

So my costume was composted of two parts, a leaf skirt and a leaf bandeaux, all other parts of the costume I glued… that’s right GLUED, to my body! Well the hardest part for sure was ripping super glued leaves and foliage off my body… oh ya.. that’s right.. SUPER GLUE, Now that’s what you call dedication! I think the best part of the costume had to be the trail of leaves that I left everywhere I went! For the entire year after Halloween, leaves and foliage just kept popping up everywhere! It was great! I really left my mark…. the best was right about the time the costume was just a faint memory, my friend sent me a photo with the caption “look what I just found!!” of course it was more leaves!!! I guess every time I saw a leaf it just reminded me about how fun that night was.  Shout out to my BFF Katie for making every night out the best night ever!