This costume is 100% made by me. It took me about a week or so to do. The skirt I used a metallic spandex. Then with tulle I did the no-sew tutu method on  2 elastic bands. I then hand sewed those to the bottom of the skirt.  After that I  draped the green organza over the tulle and hand sewed it into place. I then sewed a ribbon into the waist line for a back closure. The top I made out of  nude color stretch cotton. I had no pattern for children so I just made up the pattern off the top of my head using her measurements and wishful thinking. Then I hand sewed  the purple bra to the nude shirt.  And there ya go! this is a one of a kind couture pice….which means, I probably ain\’t makin\’ this again! Lol.  This was my first time ever making childrens clothing…..I think I did okay :)