We live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have too many kids, but every year, my husband and I try to do something for the kids that do come. Word is starting to get out that we do the heck out of Halloween, so more kids are starting to come and more neighbors are starting to join in. This year, with 12-21-12 looming, my husband, me and our Basset Daisy were apocalypse survivors. We pitched a tent in the driveway and put up ‘keep out’ signs, ‘contagion,’ and other warning signs. We had our turkey fryer set up with dry ice and a wig hanging over the side. Mark had a foam skull on the end of a machete, and was ‘cooking.’ Our ’emergency supplies’ box was full of candy and we threw it at marauders. When kids came up, I shone the flashlight in their face (gas mask on) and yelled: ‘Are you sick? Have you been in contact with anyone who’s sick? Are you in need of supplies?’ -throw candy- then, ‘Here are your supplies! Be gone!’ Daisy had on her camel pack and everyone who came by just loved it. It was so much fun this year!