I made these Anubis and Isis Costumes about 10 years ago. At that time I was an at home mom with 3 kids. Money was scarce so I needed to make costumes for my kids from materials that we already had around the house. In my son’s rook I spotted a book on Ancient Egyptians and thought that they would make awesome costumes.

The first part I made was the Anubis headpiece. There is a punctured basketball as a base. I formed cardboard and tape over the ball using a fast food plastic cup for the snout. Then I paper mached over that and finished by applying acrylic craft paints.

The throne is a cardboard box with a hole cut in the top for my son to stand in. There are fake legs that hand over the side that were made from cutting up an old pillow. There was enough fabric and stuffing from the pillow to make both legs and feet. I made sandals from scraps of gold stretch fabric.

I had enough scraps of gold stretch fabric to make the Anubis collar and cuffs. I hand painted them with Egyptian designs. The blue top has hand drawn scallops that I drew on with a marker. The gold halter and skirt were made from an old shower curtain. Isis jewelry is made from beads.

Isis has a couple of looks . I added a cape and head dress. The cape is a yard of fabric sewn at the corners to the shoulder of the halter.  The head dress is a cardboard tube covered in a piece of a sheet and hand painted.

My kids loved these costumes and I was happy that I could give them something that they could enjoy wearing and they were totally “green ” costumes.