Starting with the mask (originally a character in a movie called “V for Vendetta”) and a long black hooded robe I handmade, I was planning on keeping it simple.  An additional 7 inches of height would have easily hidden my gender also, except the robe was a little “form fitting” so to try and conceal my curves I added a few loops of plastic tubing to the inside, then a few more and more….this gave it a spring/coil look to it.  I happened to have a pair of boxing gloves and suddenly the costume turned into a springing punching puppet type of thing.  The mask to portray a not-so-well-known image/idea from the internet called “Anonymous”, thus creating the “ANONYMOUS FREEDOM FIGHTER”!

I thought it was quite clever personally, but soon found out no one around here (small town in OK) had any clue who Anonymous was or what it stood for.  They just didn’t “get it” and therefore I did not receive the appreciation I expected for the concept of the costume.  Oh well. :(