Halloween is a time we can dress as anything, in any fashion we want. But on every Sunday in Japan around the Harajuku Station District young people dress however they want just because, they don’t need a holiday. The best part about the Harajuku style is that there is NO cookie cutter recipe, or certain way to look. The style is colors, and (mis)matching different fashions, and layering, and customizing, and accessorizing. Mostly going wild with hair, and make-up, and doing whatever you think looks awesome on you.

We took that flamboyant attitude and combined it with the Japanese Anime look in our costumes. Dressing up could not have been more fun. Going into the closet and picking the most colorful and fun styles to throw together was just as fun as the Halloween party. But the make-up and creating the anime eyes was the best part. The face painting was actually easier than it looks and we each did our own make-up (impressive, right?)!

One thing was certain; we were the most colorful costume in the room. But, better yet we were the ones that expressed our individuality the most.  Our friends raved over the idea and creativity.