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Coolest Homemade Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costumes 3

by Morgan H

Homemade Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costumes

Homemade Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costumes

I went on a search for a quick and cheap costume to make and I got the idea for a Blue and Steve from Blues Clues Costume when I saw the blue sweatsuit. It was a big hit and everyone loved it!!

Blue's Supplies:
light blue sweatsuit ($12)
royal blue t-shirt ($4)
1 inch thick headband ($1)
blue foam board ($0.50)
blue glitter ($1)

First I traced and cut 5 inch circles out of the blue t-shirt. Then I used iron on adhesive to attach the blue circles to the sweatpants. **make sure not to go overboard.. blue doesn't have to many dots**. For the ears I traced and cut them from the foam board, I did my best to match the shape. I used a glue stick to get the glitter to stick to the foam. Finally I hot glued the ears to the headband.

Steve Supplies:
dark green long sleeve t-shirt ($6)
light green t-shirt ($4)

If you are unable to find the perfect shirt for Steve like I was, you will have to resort to making it. I cut 4 inch strips out of the light green shirt and used iron on adhesive to attach them to the green shirt. I had my boyfriend wear a white polo under the shirt so the collar would come out the top. Finish it off with some khaki pants and a brown belt.

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by: Anonymous

What about blue's tail???

Looks Great
by: Anonymous

That looks great!! I am going to try it - thanks for the instructions!!

by: Anonymous

where did you get the light blue sweatsuit?

Steve's Shirt
by: Casey

Where did you buy the dark green shirt for Steve? Where'd you get the long sleeved dark green shirt!? It's the perfect color!

And the light green, as well, where did you buy it?

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Coolest Ben 10 Costume

by Amber M.
(Pattaya, Thailand)

Homemade Ben 10 Heat Blast Costume

Homemade Ben 10 Heat Blast Costume

My son loves to watch Ben 10, so when Halloween came around he just had to be one of the Ben 10 aliens. His favorite is Heat Blast.

To make the costume I used yellow and maroon Lycra, first I made a yellow cover-all then a maroon one. I sewed both layers together with padding in between. I then stitched the lava pattern all over the suit and then cut around the lava. Luckily, being Lycra, I did not have to worry about it fraying.

With the cuts complete, the yellow under layer could be seen through the spaces. For the logo, first I printed one on a T-shirt transfer and ironed it on, but it was a bit dull, so for the second attempt I ironed on a white circle and hand drew on the details.

The mask was the easiest part, just yellow Lycra with details ironed on. It took a long time for me to make it, but luckily I started early and I was pleased with the result.

Comments for Coolest Ben 10 Costume

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On fire
by: Anonymous

Too cool! My son is Ben 10 nut and even though we're in Ho Chi Minh City I don't have time to get a tailor on it. I'll have to plan ahead next year. Great costume.

heatblast costume
by: Anonymous

brilliant costume. will attempt to make one for my grandson, but expect it to be much less professional looking than yours!

by: Anonymous

Super costume! I am just sewing my son a ben 10 alien force jacket for halloween but your costume in outstanding!

ben 10 jacket
by: Anonymous

Hi I was looking for a pattern for the ben 10 jacket and was wondering ifyou found one somewhere...I'm getting a late start here any info would be greatly appreciated....Thanks good luck on all costumes hope they make the little ones happy

how did you make the flames on the head stand up.
by: jakob 11 year old

how did you make those flames on the head stand up so straight it looks amazing i've got my step mother to make a ben 10 costume but it's nothing compared to this you are the best costume designer in the world.

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Coolest Homemade Barbarella Costume

by Karen
(Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Homemade Barbarella Costume

Homemade Barbarella Costume

Well Barbarella is afterall the Queen of the Galaxy! Listed below are the components I put together for the Homemade Barbarella Costume:

1.Hair, blonde clip in ponytail
2.Costume, White unitard (eBay)
3.Costume, Silver sequins tunic dress (cut hole in middle)
4.Costume, Black Scarf used as cape, stitched onto tunic
5.Costume, Red Suede Belt
6.Costume, Boots silver funky boots (ebay)trimmed in red suede
7.Prop, Childs toy gun, painted silver and covered in
8.Prop, Tongue Box Braclet, cereal box covered in tinfoil
9.Prop, Large White Feather

It was a Hero's & Villains evening, I was the only Barbarella but there were thousands of Batgirls, next year I'm Poison Ivy.

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