This year I thought it would be fun to create a back story for two of the most well know fast food characters. Ronald and Wendy are in a relationship and Ronald got upset when Wendy ordered lunch from Jack and the Box! The stress of selling billions of burgers has resulted in an anger problem for our beloved Ronald!

My husband is 6’6″ and his height added to the creepiness of our version of Ronald McDonald. I started with white coveralls and cut the sleeves/legs off and dyed it yellow. I sewed on the embellishments and spray painted some thrift store boots glossy red. I purchased the yellow shoe laces and striped socks online. The rest is hair dye and make up.

For Wendy I sewed the shirt and skirt from a basic pattern. I cut a full length apron in half and laminated part of a Wendy’s bag to create the logo. The wig is a child’s Ariel wig combined with hair extensions and a hanger. The rest is makeup. It was so much fun to portray these characters on Halloween and they were a hit at the party and the Hamburgular showed up not planned!!