This is do it your self Value Village/Goodwill costume. We all bought our jackets at second hand stores a few weeks before Halloween. We wore slacks, collard shirt and ties and tried to match the real characters as best we could.

We made the microphones from a dowel rod, black duct tape, tennis ball and cardboard. We printed the Channel 4 News pieces and duct taped everything together.  Sideburns and mustaches were grown out and then filled in with eyeliner to add a little effect.

We received great feedback the nights we went out. It is really easy to start a conversation with someone when you have a microphone in your hand and a few beers in your belly.
At one bar we were over an hour late for the costume contest and still received a first place prize for our Anchorman Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team Reporting Live! Group Costume along with a standing ovation from the entire bar. It was an wonderful experience and a great Halloween.

How will we top it next year?