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Coolest Homemade American Girl Dolls Costume

by Debbie
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Homemade American Girl Dolls Costume

Homemade American Girl Dolls Costume

All the girls want to be princesses! Here my daughter is wearing a Homemade American Girl Dolls Costume I made to match her American Girl doll's outfit: Felicity's Holiday Outfit.

I found a pattern that was very close to the outfit - McCalls costume pattern 356 view D. I bought inexpensive and lightweight fabric that I thought matched the best, in royal blue & in white. I used eyelet lace of 2 different widths for the sleeves and neck line, and plain satin ribbon for the details.

The ribbon along the whole front length, I actually folded over on top of itself in pleats to create the same effect as the doll's dress. Total cost of materials about $20.

Underneath we added some crinolins from Grandma's stash to increase the fullness. The red sparkly cape was supplied by an aunt from a box of costume supplies - and matches Felicity's riding cape, and helped her to stay warm.

I also sewed long gloves, past elbow length, to help her stay warm too, from white knit ribbing. I found a pattern online, that I reduced to 80% for child's size, and lengthened to go past her elbow, which turned out great, but aren't the easiest things to sew.

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by: Anonymous

I have the doll Felicity and this costume looks nothing like the doll.

more than one
by: Anonymous

Felicity has more than one outfit. This is the christmas dress and red cape

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Coolest Homemade American Girl Dolls Halloween Costumes 10

by Lisa
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

Homemade American Girl Dolls Halloween Costumes

Homemade American Girl Dolls Halloween Costumes

My three little girls all love the American Girl dolls so we decided to make them all into Homemade American Girl Dolls Halloween Costumes themselves. We ordered each of them an American Girl logo t-shirt to wear from the American Girl website. This was the most expensive part of the costume.

We then went to a U-Haul rental place to pick out their boxes. We decided on the sports box. It is designed to pack a set of golf clubs. It seemed like the perfect size for them. We bought paint to match the original box. I traced a big bowl to help cut the circle in the front of the box. The stars on the sides and top were done with stamps that I made from some large sponges.

All of the lettering and white stars are full sheet sticker paper cut using an Ellison die cutter, similar to a Sizzix machine. Ask a scrapbooker if you do not know what those items are.

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15 and still a fan!!
by: Feef

I LOVE that costume idea!! I've enjoyed American Girl dolls for a long time and I'm glad to see that your girls like them too.

American Girl Costume is a winner
by: HB Girl

I love your costume idea! I only hope I can do it justice. This weekend I am going to try and duplicate what you have done here. I will let you know how it goes!

Super Cute
by: Anonymous

that is so cute. always love american girl!

about american girl dolls
by: lilly

American girl dolls are awesome!!!!!!!! i have a just like me doll with a charm necklace. the only thing i don't like about American girl dolls is that their prices are whack

by: Anonymous

this is so cool and my sisters name is madison too

I love the box.
by: kortni

We are making this for my daughters 8th birthday. We will introduce the next american girl doll with her being the new doll. However, i would like to know the exact colors if possible because you hit it on the nail.

I LOVE american girl!!!!!!!
by: kasey

american girl is AWESOME!!!!!!! ever since I've wanted a doll. now I have 1!!!!!!! and now they have Halloween costumes to

So cute!
by: Maddi

I love the idea! The thing is, how do they walk around?

by: Anonymous

Tahis is so cool i love american girl dolls and you br girls like them too.

by: Ali

I wish i had one they look so cool i know what i want to be for Halloween now and i cant wait so all 15 of my dolls can match

by: Anonymous

those American Girl boxes are so realistic and it's so amazing that you MADE them! my friends and I love American Girl dolls, so we'll have to try that for this Halloween!

by: Alba

How can they trick or treat in it

us too!!
by: Anonymous

My girls are doing this for their costume. We are thinking of cutting it to just above the knee so they can walk and then we are also going to cut holes in the sides where the white stars are so their arms can come out. We just put the first coat of paint on. We bought a spray paint can for this. We are using cardstock for the wording and stars. We are entering them in a costume contest on Sat. I'm hoping we get them done in time.

by: cc

Is it to late to start today?

by: Brianna

Oh that is awesome i am planning to be one next halloween by the way how can i walk around and hold my candy I am a fan of your costumes too.I have a sister called Brooklyn Liberty Samuels.I just got an american girl doll MAG #14 named Nicole Samuels.

LOVE this idea!
by: Anonymous

We are planning our daughter's 10th birthday party. It will be American Girl everything! I'm going to make the box and have it there as a decoration in the room but also use it as a place for each girl to have a picture taken too. Thanks for the idea!

by: sophia

that's so cool i have 5 American girl dolls. how do you make the costume

by: Makenna

that was sooo awesome!!! I want it!

by: Anonymous

I love these costumes. They're so cute!

Soooooooooo COOL
by: Leah

this is the best idea yet. its even better than my friend Irene taking a HUGE teady bear taking out the stuffing and wearing it for halloween! love the idea but gonna be 12 so dont want to be made fun of. but good for little kids!!!!

Super Idea
by: Ally

Such a great idea! I have two ag dolls i am so doing this for halloween!!!

by: Anonymous

This costume is the bomb!

I love that idea....
by: AG lover :)

I feel a little old for AG dolls but I love them and what if i c someone i know and they say.... your play with AG dolls.... baby. What should i say back??? :(

me to
by: Anonymous

omg im going to do this for my costume

love it
by: Lea

you really did a fantastic job.i love ag stuff.not to nosy but how did you make is more like a cool way to give someone another person for a present , like for a birthday or chrismas.

by: Anonymous

I see you like American Girls. I have 9 and I can't wait to get my 10th! You guys sure are smart!

question about the paint
by: Anonymous



Treat or treating?
by: Anonymous

Does the front open so the girls can trick or treat? Fabulous job!

love it
by: annie

I love American girl dolls so much.That outfit is so cool.

by: Savannah

Wow! I was thinking of being this for Halloween, but I couldn't find a box :(

by: Anonymous

I thought that was amazing . That is what I am going to be for halloween.

by: Anonymous

This costume was awesome. I told my mom I wanted to be it for halloween. So I am. I am so excited. You are very creative. I have always loved dolls I have about 20. I love playing by myself. I have no brothers or sisters. So I love it.

by: Anonymous

I am making this for my friend who is turning 12 for her birth day present ! I hope she loves it!!!!!

by: raissa

how did they walk its cute and flattering

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