Hi just wanted to say I have always wanted to be a living statue.  Wasn’t sure which one or what decade but I thought it would be a super cool costume.  My first step was the internet.  I looked up living statues and watched a few videos and decided that I wanted to be a bronze statue.  Who could I be?? Well I wanted to be a female and I came up with Ameilia Earhart because I thought how cool would that be to be her for a day!  So in doing more research on line I was having a really hard time trying to figure out the makeup, colors, what to use to make it look shiny on skin and on fabric, etc.  Trust me when I say there are limited tutuorials on living statue makeup and paint.  I found that white statues, green statues and even gray ones were a bit easier to do by the videos but again not a lot of information or instructions was out there on the internet.  Solet me be the first person to help you make your best bronze living statue EVER and believe me it is super easy!

Clothing and Accessories

CLOTHING:  I went to Savers and found a dark brown blouse, beige pants, brown boots and I bought a brown leather handbag with buckles.  I also so went to the Salvation Army and bought a winter hat (the ones that look like an airhat with flaps).  I had a pair of goggles from another costume (but you can buy these goggles at a biker shop or I got mine in a convenience store :))  I bought a faux leather jacket at Pretty Woman and it was $23. That is my clothing supplies needed for this costume.

Paint and Supplies

What I realized from doing some research, whatever color you are going to be for a statue, try and find clothing the same color.  For example, I picked brown colors in my fabrics so it would be super close to the statue color.  My pants that I bought were beige and cotton (no silk).  You want them to wrinkle a bit and be a bit stiff.  I bought some fabric dye (DARK BROWN) and dyed my pants.  IFYI I did buy two similar pants at Savers just in case I didnt like the how one came out.  They were cheap $5.00 so it was worth it.  The color brown came out perfect for the pants.  You can see the pictures below.

PAINTS AND MAKEUP:  For paint on the clothing, it was a bit difficult trying to find what would make bronze and shiny at the same time.  I tried different things but it wasnt working the way I wanted.  I would not suggest spray paints.  They absorb too quickly and stiffin what too much.  Go with brush on paints.  I went to Michaels Craft Store and bought Acrylic BRONZE paint for my clothing. You can find it in the ART SECTION.  It was perfect. Shiney and bronze not sparkley and gold.  Dont use fabric paint its too sparkley.  When applying the bronze you want to use a large paint brush and brush quickly with just a little paint over shirt and paints to make it look vintage.  I used a smaller brush to do seams, collar, pockets.  I brushed over jacket, hat and boots.  I even bought acheap  purse that was brown and glossed it up for my party and it matched my outfit.  I also when to Home Depot and bought GLOSS clear latex brush on paint to may the clothing look shiney and glossy.  I brushed that over entire outfilt including coat, shirt, pants, boots, goggles etc.  Mostly on the creases and seams of material.  Didnt want to be too stiff.  It works great!  Let dry overnight and washed pants and shirt.  Air dry.  See pictures below.

Makeup and Airhat

My makeup was easy.  FIrst wash and moisturize face and neck and put a makeup (light foundation) base.  You can use any kind of moisterizer and foundation. I bought black cream makeup and bronze cream makeup from halloween store.  I mixed them both together equal parts.   I used a small brush and put that on my face and neck except for my eyes.  Use hairdryer to make sure it drys and then I brushed on brown powder (over the entire face).  It sets it nice and gives you a vintage look.  I used gold eyeshadow above and below my eyes and black and brown shadow on my lids.  I also used brown and black eyeliner around my eye area.  To highlight, use the bronze cream makeup lightly over areas you want to shine.  Eyebrows are key, I put some in my hair, down my nose on cheek area. etc   And that is how is done!  PS.  Dont forget your hands.  Mix black and bronze cream makeup dry and then brush brown powder or shadow over to set.

THE CAP:  I bought a brown purse from Savers.  I cut out a strips of leather from the purse and glued (fabric glue and glue gun) and glued it onto the winter hat with the flaps.  I used part of the puse straps to make the sides.  After I glued it I put in front of fan and dried.  I let that sit for a few days.  Painted bronze acrylic over and also painted the goggles.

Well I hope this was helpful and like my statue ! Good luck.