Last year my son was in love with Minecraft. We went to several stores, and I even searched online, with no luck finding a great Minecraft costume. So I went home and started planning. It wasn’t hard to make, in fact quite easy, just took several steps and time to dry.

I started with green foam from an upholstery store. I cut them into rectangles of a front, back, & 2 sides for the body. The head were squares, so just 6 square pieces, including the top of the head & neck area. Then painted in the foam pieces with squares using a sponge I cut into a square and used several shades of green. I cut out the face shape, and glued screen on it for eye and mouth holes. I simply then just got glued all the pieces together. The spider was just 2 boxes painted black, foam pool toys for legs, and flashing glowing eyes from a Halloween store. I used hot glue & zip ties to hold on the head to the body and the legs to the body. Then just hot glued & zip tied the “creeper” to the spider.

The costume is also super easy to put on, it just slips over my sons head. The spider hits about my sons knees, and the spider is wider so he can walk. The foam is pretty durable, he can even sit down on the spider if he wants to rest. There are slits in the sides of the creeper so my son can put him arms thru to get candy or whatever he needs to do, and when he pulls his arms back in, you can’t even tell the slits are there. This costume was a HUGE hit!

We were new in town, but after he wore this, the whole school and neighborhood new who he was! The first place we wore it was a Halloween fair. He was mobbed by kids and families! They had a costume contest where he won Overall First Prize!

The next place was the school parade. Kids went crazy for this costume, and I was surprised that almost all of the parents knew what the costume was. I had many offers from parents that wanted to buy it for the next year! He then wore it to the church parking lot trick or treat party. There was a group of teenage girls that asked me if they could hug him, and walk him around with them!

Last year he was 5, so you can imagine how awesome this was for him. One of the pictures I submitted was the girls surrounding him in a group hug! He loved this costume so much. What’s even more amazing is this year all I have to do is make a couple changes and it’s a whole new Minecraft character! All of the Minecraft characters are basically the same shape, squares & rectangles. So with some black paint, I can easily turn the body into an “Ender Man”, or black paint and some white bones and he is a skeleton. Take the legs off the spider, add some new paint and it’s a pig with a saddle.

We are already trying to decide which character we will turn it into this year!