Little Miss Jocelyn is always used to rolling so it was inevitable she would be a school bus. She is 7  years old and wheelchair bound so I tried this year to work it in somehow. The costume is just boxes and poster board but still frustrating and time consuming to make. In the end it was totally worth it because everyone kept telling us how creative it was.

The hardest part of making the costume was all the taping and making sure it stayed together. Also it didn’t fit in my car, so last minute I had to rush to my brother’s house ahead of time and then come back home to get Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is seven years old and loves going on the school bus everyday to go off to school so she was very excited to actually be the bus driver for Halloween. Putting the costume over her head and making it fit around the chair was also difficult as every time I fit it around Jocelyn she was laughing because it was in her face and for some reason she thought it was funny. As many times as I tried it on her and the chair I never actually pushed her around with it on which I guess I should have done.

On the day of trick or treating I realized it was rubbing on the back wheels and with the treads on her tires it was actually making the noises of a real bus which actually added to the costume even more.

One little boy came up to her and was so excited to see it and thought it was very cool he started to sing ‘the wheels on the bus’ to her. It was very funny. A lady handing out candy had an extra big box of candy she was going to hand out to who she thought had the most creative costume and of course Jocelyn received it!