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Coolest Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume 31

by Danielle
(New Providence, NJ)

Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume

Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume

My son wanted to be a skeleton and we wanted to make it. We found the skeleton attack on line and thought it was very cool. My 7 yr. old son couldn't find a skeleton mask his sister wasn't afraid of and then he found the demon mask.

We used a backpack with PVC pipe held in place with plastic ties. I taped a milk jug to the PVC pipe and put on mask. (I also put a battery operated light that lit up the milk jug and mask. We then stuffed the pack with fiber fill.

We cut a pool noodle and made shoulder and slid it on the PVC pipe. Then we put on a black turtle neck and stuffed that as well so it looks like someones back. We put a black cloak over my son and the "body." I cut the cloak down for my son (waist up). We then cut the back of one of his old sleeper pj's and stuffed the legs and used small noodles to make it look more realistic.

We had a great time making this Homemade Demon Attack Halloween Costume. The kids in his first grade class loved it and so did all the parents when they had the parade at school today. Our town had their downtown store trick or treating today and adults were trying to figure out if it was one or two people in the costume. Many people gave him two pieces of candy for a great costume. I don't know how we are going to beat this one next year. At least, we still have Halloween night to enjoy it.

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Coolest Homemade Alien Costumes 10

by Sabrina
(Oakland, California, USA)

Homemade Alien Costumes

Homemade Alien Costumes

These alien costumes were made from a Simplicity pattern. Both costumes were made from liquid lame fabric which is stretchy and comfortable. The helmets are made from acrylic globes which have the face portion cut out. The globes are actually exterior light fixture covers which I found on the internet.

The boy's boots are rain boots which I spray painted gold and added the star decals to (I made the decals from scraps of the lame fabric). The girl's shoes are inexpensive silver shoes which I also added decals to.

The space girl's pigtails were made from pink metallic cheerleader pom poms which I found at the dollar store. The antenna are really neat - they are actually glow sticks. I made them by drilling two holes on the helmets and placing clear plastic tubes through them. This way the glow sticks can be replaced once they stop glowing.

Overall these alien costumes were time consuming costumes to make, but my kids loved them and they got rave reviews.

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Need Help!
by: Sue


I love the alien costumes you made! I also made the alien costume from the simplicity pattern, but I am having no luck finding the acrylic helmets! Where did you find them? I have been searching for weeks and have had no luck at all. I will appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks!

What is the antenna made from
by: Anonymous

What is the alien antennas from I need to make a project. Thanks.P.S love the costumes!

WOW! out of this world
by: Shelley

Where on the internet did you get the globes and are they clear plastic. We are dressing are kids up for out of this world parade for the 4th of July.

by: Anonymous

hello , this is Allie!!!
I am in 7th grade
our school has this thing every year, we have a Halloween contest for our 8th graders and we get them to dress them up and I am in charge of it and my family is going to dress our 8th grader up as a Alien. Could you please tell me where you got that?

willing to sell them?
by: Anonymous

would you be willing to sell the boys costume?

Great costumes
by: Luludou

Lovely costumes - love 'em! congrats

by: Anonymous

How did you keep the helmet from falling off or twisting when the kid's moved around or bent over?

by: Erinn

Wow! First, I want to say, "awesome costumes!" I am making space themed costumes for my daughter and son. I actually had a double take when I saw your posted picture because your kids look exactly like mine! Clones... perhaps alien space clones... LOL! Wish I could load a picture. I will post their costumes on this site soon when complete. Best Wishes~ Erinn

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Coolest Alien Abduction Costume 11

by Lori V.

Homemade  Alien Abduction Costume

Homemade Alien Abduction Costume

This is our version of the Alien abduction costume. We used a backpack to hold up the alien head, and a long black robe to cover him. The footie jammies were cut in the back so the top was on my son and bottoms were stuffed with cotton batting. I also shortened the legs of the jammies so they wouldn't drag on the ground. We had to get them big to fit him on the top. We found the alien hands at Value village and pinned them to the front of the jammies.

He played up the whole thing with his "scream" pose. We had lots of folks trying to figure out how the costume worked. Two teen age boys were arguing over whether it was one boy or two boys in the costume.

It was quite funny! The whole illusion worked perfectly!

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Great Costume!
by: Anonymous

Good idea using the backpack to hold the alien up. I'm going to try to put something like this together this year. Thanks for posting how you did it.

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