My boyfriend and I were looking for a unique couples costume and found inspiration from this classic children’s story. We were a big hit at the Halloween party with our  Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat Couple Costume!

For Curious George: Used a combination of two costume patterns. The body of the costume was from a pumpkin pattern for children, but more then enough room for adults as you can see. The head pattern was based of a cow costume with modifications made to more resemble a monkey. My costume idea came from a children’s Pottery Barn monkey costume. The total cost for the costume was $25 (for material).

For the Man with the Yellow Hat: In order to get matching yellows, used Rit dye on white scrub pants, white button down shirt, and white long sleeves cotton shirt. The cotton shirt was cut up to cover a witches hat and also to make the tie. Total cost was approximately: $30. We found all the clothes in Walmart, would have been cheaper if we sought out local thrift stores.