I looked up a ton of tutorials on how to do Zombie Makeup. I came across one that involoved liquid Laxtex and Tissue paper, so off to the store I went. My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to shoot up our clothes so we took an entire day to go out and shoot with his shotgun and SKS. Then came the glorious blood that we detailed our clothes with. We probably spent a good hour and a half on the clothes and the makeup took an hour for each of us. It was worth all the work when we went out! My favorite part was when a little boy was in front of us who had just gotten candy from a house and when he saw us he dropped his candy and froze. He didn’t move a muscle! His mom had to come get him and when I reached out my hand with his candy that he had dropped he refused to take it from me! Almost everyone commented on how gross our costumes were and how cool. It was the only time I’ve ever taken “disgusting” as a compliment!