Our costumes were relatively easy to make.It all started with going to my 40th high school reunion this past September..my husband and I were boyfriend and girlfriend  throughout high school but as life goes we went our own way.We each married other people and had kids…30 years later we met again and fell in love.. This time we married  its been 8 years and we saved the best for last! He always says “Im that guy that married the homecoming queen” So that’s how the costume started to evolve.

Bought 2 large foam pumpkins one at Micheals,one at Joann’s fabrics but the one from the fabric store was a very dense foam so it was too thick to fit on my husbands head so back to Michaels for another one.Carved and used black screen on the inside of the head so you couldn’t see any eyes,nose or mouths.Siduck the inside was foam i duck taped the screen as I thought that hot glue may melt the foam.Next I added embellished crowns… But  I couldn’t tfrom king from queen! So back to the fabric store I go…Found this cool plastic curly tubeing in the floral department..hummm that will work for my hair.I also bought fabric and fur for our capes..

Back home I drilled holes in my pumpkin head and inserted and taped…Loved the look.But now my husbands head needed something…Hummm..Off to the store again in search of  king hair… Didn’t like the wigs BUT loved this big black and purple spider with bendable legs..Perfect cut two of the ends off and used them for eyebrows and a small piece for the soul patch!!!! Love it!!! Now we look like a couple!

In the beginning of October we went to Gig Harbor Wa.our brother in law gave us this twisted walking stick so we glued a foam pumpkin on the top and added the black and purple spider(less a couple legs as I used for the kings head)Then we cut a branch from a tree glued a small glitter light up pumpkin with a crow on top.Beautiful…

Still thought something was missing so bought a fake planr took off some leaveas glued and wired around try ankles…ahhh complete!!

Halloween night we went to a dinner party,then joined in on the trick or treating with the kids…Lots of “Great Costumes”compliments…So much fun to create..So much fun to play…Thank you for listening to my story ;)

P.S.I painted my face so when I took off my head to eat I still had a mask lol